Latest Publications

The Complexity of Verifying Loop-Free Programs as Differentially Private. Marco Gaboardi, Kobbi Nissim, David Purser. Preprint: arXiv
Asymmetric Distances for Approximate Differential Privacy. Dmitry Chistikov, Andrzej S. Murawski, David Purser. CONCUR'19, doi
Structural Liveness of Petri Nets is ExpSpace-Hard and Decidable. Petr Jančar David Purser. Acta Informatica, doi

Small Bio

Currently a Postdoctoral researcher at MPI-SWS, Saarbrücken, in the group of Joël Ouaknine. I am completing my PhD Student at University of Warwick, supervised by Dr Andrzej Murawski, Dr Dmitry Chistikov and Prof. Graham Cormode, funded by EPSRC as a member of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Urban Science and Progress. Previously studied BSc Discrete Mathematics and MSc Data Analytics at the University of Warwick.

Where am I?

Future: ICALP'20, WATA'20/21 (A)
Past: WPCCS'19 (TO), TPDP'19 (A), Highlights'19 (T), CONCUR'19 (P), Autobóz'19 (A), EPIT'19 (A), TPDP'18 (A), ATVA'18 (P), Highlights'18 + Erichfest (T), FLoC'18 (A), WPCCS'18 (TO), BCTCS'18 (T), DIMAP10 (A), SREPLS-7 (O), Marktoberdorf'17 (A), WPCCS'17 (TO)

P: Paper, T: Talk, A: Attendee, O: Organising Team


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