David Purser

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Without all of these sources, this site simply could not exist! Well, at least not in its current form.
What By Who
Icons Gentelface + Modern Pictograms
Web Fonts Google
Stay at the bottom footer CSS RESET
CSS Variables and Caching Net Tuts
Maths Evaluation Miles Kaufmann - from PHP Classes
Tool Tips Tipsy
Domain NameCheap
Static Content Hosting Google App Engine
Tool Kits jQuery
jQuery UI
Table Drag and Drop Isocra
Keyboard Shortcuts Open JS
Browser and OS detection (IQ) Dave Cardwell
URL Shortening Bit.ly+Goo.gl
JSMin Douglas Crockford+Ryan Grove(PHP Port)
Main + MySites Backgrounds Subtlepatterns
Graphs Google Chart Tools
Mobile Detection PHP-Mobile-Detect - Google Code
Read Do-Not-Track header Robot Learner
Twitter OAuth Abraham @abraham
Twitter API Twitter
Masonary David DeSandro
Aristo JQuery UITheme Aristo
Social Sign On Add This
Ads AdSense
Amazon Associates
Book Image Google Books
Film Images Rotten Tomatoes
Profile Picture Hannah Wheeler
Login Personas Persona
Colour Name Lists Wikipedia