OneEngine: How to nav link to a specific section of another page

I just received an email asking how to make a nav link jump to a specific section of a page from another page in my version of OneEngine (which allows multiple pages).

For example how to jump from


The Answer:

First go to your Menus manager:

Your menu item should be a custom menu item, you should type the static url followed a #id. The id should be equal to the block id of the element you want to jump too (get this from the layout manager). Note that to jump to the home page you should include ‘/’. The result in the URL field being /#contact.

 You can now jump between pages and go to the section you want.


To jump to the footer create an extra container at the bottom with a given block id and no height, padding or margin with just a ET Clear element inside it.

Counter for Firefox OS

I am now a published app developer on the FireFox Marketplace.

You can download my new application called Counter for Firefox OS from the store right now.

The application is a simple web application written with Javascript which increments and decrements on the click of a button.

You can also set the counter to a starting value in the settings.

> Counter for Firefox OS, Marketplace FREE
> Learn More

New Discrete Events in Day Picker

You can now create “discrete” events in DayPicker – this  you can now create events with independent dates, which don’t nessisarily have to be next to each other.

These events will show as discrete in your account and will not have  a from and to field.
Definitely All will not be avaliable for these events for the time being.
The event owner can add new days to an event.

Day Picker

When you are trying to plan something you often need to pick a day that is suitable for everyone. This can be quite difficult and even if you are trying to organize it on facebook, after a few people have replied – the older posts become less visible and you forget what was said.

So introducing Day Picker:


Day picker lets you pick a series of possible dates, and lets you ask others to reply.

All you have to do is send someone a private link where they will be prompted to enter their name and then asked to select the dates they are free!

If the user has a Account, their name from this will be used and they need not enter their name.

To make a new event you will need a account.


An app to track how long things take: Timer

Timer allows you to create an event and then time how long it takes, simply start your task before you begin it. Then stop the timer once your done. If you spend a bit more time on it – hit start again!